Accounts Receivable MANAGEMENT

Provide you with our expertise in the processing and payment of your customer invoices

Taking into account the latest evolutions of standards

Monitoring of doubtful accounts

Standardisation & automation
Through continuous process improvement

Optimization of cash flow
Handling of customer reminders for an improvement in the cash collection rate

Our solution

Energy business
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Declaration and payments of local electricity taxes
  • Follow-up of local authority controls on local taxes


Other activities
  • Issuance, accounting of invoices and receipts
  • Accounting for accrued incomes and deferred incomes
  • Accounting for dubious debts
  • Accounting for bad debt losses
  • Lettering and reconciliation of accounts, settlements
  • Justification of subsidiary accounts
  • Customer reminders on unpaid invoices (differentiated according to SSC)
  • Master DATA activity (customer base maintenance)



Common activities
  • Refunds
  • Debt recoveries (specific to Belgium)
  • Implementation of Group internal control
  • Accounting for dubious debts, provisions and write-offs
  • Analysis of the aging balance

Our Benefits

A relationship of trust with you and your customers

A regularly trained team in new rules, accounting and tax standards

Powerful tools to increase efficiency in the lettering process

Controlling the fraud risk through the implementation of Group internal control

Key figures

Invoices issued
~ 35 000 / year
Number of cashings
> 34 M
Automation rate
Customer Satisfaction


Luciana Cappitelli
Budget & Control - Generation Europe
"I'm satisfied because the collegues of GBS are very competent and absolutly available"
Patrick Mbamba
Controleur de Gestion - Corporate
"Très bel esprit de collaboration entre le Controlling Corporate et GBS Finance, réactivité, analyses et compréhension pertinentes de nos besoins métiers, de la part des équipes GBS Finance."